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I have received both shots of the Moderna Vaccine and two boosters.  

I have taken extensive training on infection control and proper sanitation procedures. I have purchased and use all the recommended products and take your health and mine, seriously.

I know there are a lot of varying opinions out there regarding COVID and the vaccines.  There are a lot of knowns, and a lot of unknowns, and still, tons of misinformation out there. 

When it comes to my clients - I prefer to play it safe. I can't say definitively that I know all there is to know about Covid - however, I do know, that I never want to put the health of my clients at risk. 

I will never come to work if I am feeling unwell, and I expect all my clients to do the same. I am MORE than willing to reschedule if either of us are not feeling quite right. Better safe, than sorry.

Professionally I have always gone (long before Covid) above and beyond to ensure the safety of my clients, and myself.  I will continue to do so.  I want us all the be healthy and enjoy life with less stress and more happiness. I will do my part to keep my workspace environment clean, and germ free - I will follow all safety rules and guidelines according to state law and mandates required by the American Massage Therapy Association. All so we can focus on what's important - more relaxation and ridding our bodies of unwanted pain and stress.  


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