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Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive before my service?

If it's your first time seeing me at 7Heartz, I suggest 10-15 minutes prior. This time, allows you to fill out your Intake form(s), use the restroom if necessary, talk with me and advise me of any areas that may need special attention, or areas to avoid, etc. This is the opportunity to let me know if you've had any injuries, or illnesses - anything that will help guide me to giving you the best most appropriate service. This time also allows you time to change and get on the table. Understand that your appointment time ends by the appointment end time, so if you want your full appointment length, you'll want it to start on time! To be clear :) ... lets say your one hour massage appointment starts at 1pm. If you walk in the door at 1pm - it may not be until 1:15 before your actual massage begins. It will still end at 2pm. SO... you would want to arrive at 12:45 to ensure you get your full hour! :) 

When are you open?

I am by appointment only. The hours I am available tend to vary day to day, week to week. I try to be as accommodating as possible. I do tend to work more in the 10-4p time frame with availability most days of the week -yes, even weekends.  However if you need something later in the day - if I can make it happen, I will.  If you don't see on the scheduler a time that works for you -   Please text 860-595-7881, let me know what days/times are best for you and I will do my best to accommodate!

I've never gotten a massage before and am nervous about what will happen, can you break it down for me so I know what to expect?

Of course! When you first come in for your very first massage, you'll be given an intake form. This asks for some basic personal and medical information. Mainly, I want to learn a little about you, and what your goals are for your massage (if any). This is where you might mention where you are sore, or what surgeries or injuries you might have had, etc. It's important to include any health issues or medications you may be taking.  If you have ever filled out a form at a Doctors office, it's not much different than that.  Next, I'll offer you a chance to use the restroom before your service (we always recommend this!) we enter the service room!  Now is your chance to get to know your therapist a little, and to tell your massage therapist any areas you would like to have focused on, or generally what kind of pressure you like (if you know - don't worry if you don't, we'll figure that out together). Once you've talked about any goals you might have, I will leave the room. I will advise you whether you should get on the table face up, or face down. Once they've left the room, you will have a few minutes to undress. Here, you undress to your comfort level. Many decide to undress completely, and many decide to leave their underwear on (ladies you'll want to remove your bra). There is space in the room for you to put your clothes, and a bowl to put small things in, like your watch, phone and jewelry.   Now, you get on the table, just like you'd get in a bed. Under the sheet and blanket. If your Massage Therapist said 'lie face down' - you'll want to put your face into the face cradle. Now, just sit back and relax.
"What do I do with my arms?" We hear that a lot - whatever is comfortable!  Some people like to hang them off the table, where many lay them down beside them on the table (this is most common but there is no wrong place) - the name of the game, is comfort. IF - for any reason you are uncomfortable laying face down - let us know! We can easily give a full body massage with you lying on your sides, or back. 

I'm not sure what kind of pressure I like. Does that matter?

No, not at all. We can absolutely figure it out together! When we are giving you a massage, we will ask you if you like the pressure. Please answer honestly!  Also please feel free at any time to let us know if you'd like more, or less pressure. And different areas may like different things! So please don't wait until the end of the massage to tell us, as at the end we can no longer adjust our pressure. Let us know as its happening if you'd like less or more. Also - if we hit an area that you'd like us to spend a little extra time - if we can, we will! Feel free to say, yes! There, that's the spot. :) 

Any special tips for me?

Well, yes! What I want most is for you to be comfortable and relaxed! Often, we may need to move or adjust your arms, legs, head, etc.. when we go to move a part of you, please let us. There is no need to assist, in fact, we prefer when you don't! :)   Many times we use gravity to help us do our work! For example, when we are working on your neck, don't lift your head, as we may be moving it a certain way for a reason. Just lay back, and relax. We've got this! :)

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