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Creating a relaxing environment for my clients is very important to me. During most of the sessions I offer - I add certain things to create a calming experience. For example: Aromatherapy, low lighting, heated table, and yes - relaxing meditative music.

Most seem to love the music and say it truly helps with stress reduction; however, a few have mentioned they would prefer something different with regard to the music.


Since this is YOUR time, and I strive to create a relaxing environment for YOU, :) ...I am MORE than happy to play whatever music works for you!  (or none at all if that's what you prefer) ...If there are certain songs or sounds that send you to your happy place, I am more than happy to have that playing!

I use a Bluetooth speaker - if you have a playlist (or want to make one) that you would like to have playing during your session, I have zero issues and encourage it!

~I have had clients playing country music, classical music, and a variety of their other favorite songs (I even have someone who plays their audible book in the background during their massage) Whatever relaxes YOU, whatever works for you -works for me!

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