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Massage Service Membership
available for both 60 and 90 minute services

(these are separate from 7Heartz memberships - if you are a 7Heartz member, you can get any massage from me at $10 off the regular rate. If you see me regularly - no more than 2 months between appointments - you are then my member as well and can book at the membership rate - more below..)

All 60 minute sessions are regularly priced at $90.   -  60 min MEMBERSHIP RATE is $70

All 90 minute sessions are regularly priced at $120   - 90 min MEMBERSHIP RATE IS $100

This is a savings of $20 per session!

Cool savings! So how do I get the membership rate?

No contracts - no commitment required -no worries!

Just receive regular massage.

In order to receive the membership rate - you must simply book your next massage any time within TWO months of your last massage with me.
Want weekly massages? They'd always be at the membership rate. 

  • Once outside the two month window -regular prices will then apply.

Join Online! - By joining the online membership you pay in advance/automatically with a credit card on file. Each month it will be charged the membership rate, -this makes it easy when you come in for your massage - no having to pay at time of appointment - you are already pre-paid.
If you are a pre-paid member - you have priority on my schedule.
Visit monthly to redeem. Cancel any time. No penalties to cancel.
(pre-paid membership credits will roll over and can also be gifted to someone else!)

Set up your online / pre-paid Membership:

60 Minute Membership

90 Minute Membership

Once you are a prepaid member - when scheduling yourself online, please choose the 'membership' option next to each service.

OR if you are not a prepaid member -

If you have had your last massage within 2 months, please choose the 'membership' option next to each service.

If for any reason you have difficulty finding a time that works with your schedule - please do not hesitate to text me at 860-595-7881 and I will do my best to accommodate.

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