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--Weather in New England... oh how unpredictable!


This message is really meant to address our chilly colder months and how it might affect your appointment. If a snow storm (or the aftermath of one) coincides with a day your appointment is scheduled for- please reach out to me with your concerns - or expect a text from me with my concerns. I'll be pretty up front - I don't drive in snow and ice if I can help it. I am VERY flexible and happy to reschedule - I have no interest in either of us getting stuck or in a car accident. Best to find a different day so no one has to worry ❤

With regard to sickness - if you are feeling in any way under the weather - please do not come in -just text me and let me know and we will find a future date that works. I also will not work if I am not feeling well - be sure to make certain I have your current cell phone number to contact you regarding canceling/rescheduling. Texting is how I will c-ontact you - and- it is the best way to reach me. My cell (for texting only) is 860-595-7881


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